75cm (2.5ft) Ride Spine Ramp – Modular Kit or Flat Pack – $1,790-$2,850

Great for intermediate skill level skaters/riders, have fun for days on this little spine. Easy to take your skating to the next level. Easy to move around, heavy enough to stay in place. Available in several widths – 150cm, 180cm, 210cm and 240cm. Comes in natural timber finish as standard or painted options are available. Please note: Images are of 60cm high x 180cm wide spine ramp.

Modular kit or flat pack options delivered Australia wide, to order please email info@rideramps.com.au and our Sales Team will be in touch to finalise your order, including options and freight.


Available in modular kit form delivered to nearest depot on pallet/s or flat pack version delivered to your door!  Step by step instructions for set up, with photos, included with kit.

“The Ninja Spine” – Prices as follows:
2.5ft Spine Ramp (75cm high) x 150cm wide x 240cm long = $1,790
2.5ft Spine Ramp (75cm high) x 180cm wide x 240cm long = $2,150
2.5ft Spine Ramp (75cm high) x 210cm wide x 240cm long = $2,490
2.5ft Spine Ramp (75cm high) x 240cm wide x 240m long = $2,850

“The Ninja Spine” – Ride Spine 75 – Ride Ramps Elevation Collection is part of a unique, compact, interchangeable, upgradable timber ramp system that uses a lightweight yet heavy-duty construction method and configeration, created by master ramp builder, Australian vert champion and ex-pro skater, Adam Luxford.

Features our unique “Skate Space Compact Storage System” and comes in two sections that can be split in two and stored inside each other for compact storage or securely attach together (attachments included). Two parts can also face each other to create mini half pipe.

Made in Australia with an environmentally friendly, near zero waste design, from locally sourced, renewable materials. Made from premium materials, impact resistant structural plywood manufactured to AS/NZS2269 with all edges water sealed for longevity.

Get one ramp now and add more later! All ramps in the Ride Ramps Elevation Collection feature our “Ad-Ramps System” and “Skate Space Compact Storage System”. They are compatible to ramps of similar heights within the collection, can be used together to create your own mini pop up skate park, and then conveniently stored away in a compact space for another day!

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150cm, 180cm, 210cm, 240cm

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